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There are a number of good works available expounding the history of our area. Over time we’ll try to present some of that content here for your information.

( Please keep in mind the date of the publication and the fact that there exist occasional contradictions between the various sources. We will not attempt to recify any such instances, but only present them in their original form as printed.)

Excerpts from
150th Anniversary History of Blair County, PA (1997)
A comprehensive work by Larry D. Smith.
For a wealth of information about historic Bedford, PA (about 30 miles south southwest of the Bellwood-Antis community) go to Larry’s incredibly thorough website Mother Bedford.

The Early Settlement of Antis Township
Antis Township Schools

Excerpts from
Bellwood’s Semi-Centennial Celebration booklet (1937)

Antis School System
Antis Township
Arch Spring
Bellwood’s Abraham Lincoln
Bellwood’s Fire Department
Bellwood’s Public School System
Bellwood’s Water Supply
Bell's Gap Railroad
Builders of Bellwood
Captain Logan
Early Desperados
Horse & Buggy Days
Interesting Facts
Old Time Troopers
Revolutionary War Heroes
Rhododendron Park
Street Lamps

YesterYear — Places and Faces from the Past

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