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On June 6, 1893, the town council passed an ordinance to provide water for use of the borough and all persons and corporations located therein. To this end, it authorized the proper officials to take such land, water, labor and pipe, as necessary for furnishing water for the borough. To defray expenses, the ordinance provided for increasing the indebtedness of the borough, $18,000.00. At the election held July 5th, 1893, the citizens approved and the loan was authorized.

In 1893, the borough purchased a piece of land over which Bells Run flows, some two miles above town where an intake was constructed and a system of water pipes was laid down to and along the streets.

Some years later the old Logan Valley water line was purchased and added to the borough water system, which added many consumers and several miles, more pipe. The Logan Valley line was hooked in at a considerable distance below the borough intake and just recently with CWA funds it was deemed advisable to complete the Logan Valley line up to the intake in order that each line could supply itself, thereby increasing pressure and assuring more water for consumers and better fire protection.

The borough now has a fine water system containing about eight miles of cast iron pipe and is operated entirely by gravity. The entire system has an approximate value of $90,000.00. It brings in a yearly revenue and has proved to be a very profitable asset to the borough.


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