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The Bellwood-Antis community is a small rural area in central Pennsylvania comprised of two municipalities: Bellwood Borough and Antis Township. Bellwood Borough has a population of about 2200 people with Antis Township adding approximately another 5500.

Settlers began populating the area in the late 1700’s, with Bellwood's official town charter dating back to 1887. To this day a major national railroad artery bisects the borough, being spanned by the “bridge hill.”

A number of small- and medium-sized businesses dot the area, with many residents commuting to their workplaces in nearby Altoona (pop. 60,000) and surrounding towns. Other modestly-populated areas are found in the Blair County seat of Hollidaysburg and also State College, which is 30 miles northeast of us and home to Penn State University and the Nittany Lions.

Our community boasts a state-of-the-art public library and school system, rich with proud pasts and promising futures. The library recently completed a major expansion project including increased shelf-space, a 12-station computer room and several additional meeting facilities. With graduating classes at or just over 100 seniors, the relatively small Bellwood-Antis School District not only maintains a high standard of academic excellence but continues to push the envelope into the new millenium.

Our geographic location provides the outdoor enthusiast with generous amounts of recreation in the area. Public hunting and fishing spots abound within minutes of every resident’s doorstep. Our region contains a number of resort areas and state parks chock full of boating, hiking and camping opportunities. Often friends and relatives choose to come here for outdoor activities while paying a visit or spending a week of vacation. Other attractions supply a myriad of activities sure to appeal to every age and taste.

As it has turned out, we enjoy the advantages of being within a 15- to 30-minute drive of several malls and business centers, but close enough to the rolling Appalachian ridges and mountains to never be more than a few minutes away from native trout streams and hardwood forests.

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