A few years ago Rhododendron Park at Lloydsville was the gathering place for picnics from all over the state. The park was beautiful enough in itself and the ride on the train through the mountains and over the Bell Gap Horseshoe Curve to get there, made this park an ideal place for picnics.

An attraction at that time was a merry-go-round operated by Enoch Farnsworth. This man, who was noted for his inventive ability had constructed a contraption with a large center pole, to which crossbeams were attached. It was operated by means of an old horse walking around and could accommodate eight rides. The fare was two cents per ride. This was the original invention from which the present merry-go-round was made.

Bellwood’s annual picnics were always held at this park and excursions came in regularly from Pittsburgh. The park has now been abandoned and nothing remains except memories.

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